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Personalized Exercise Recommendations: Find the Perfect Workout for You (Free Online Calculator)


Struggling to find the right exercise to burn your desired calories within your limited workout time? You’re not alone! Let our free online calculator guide you to the perfect exercise options based on your age, gender, desired exercise duration, and targeted calorie burn. This calculator is especially useful for residents of Calgary, Alberta, and surrounding communities such as Chaparral, Walden, Mahogany, Sundance, Shawnessy, Silverado, Cranston, and Seton.

The key to losing weight is striking a balance between reducing calorie intake and increasing daily activity. Our personalized exercise recommendation calculator helps you find the right activities to burn those extra calories without drastically reducing your food consumption.

What sets our calculator apart?

Unlike other exercise calculators that require you to input information and manually adjust variables to find the right activity, our calculator takes your unique data, such as age, gender, weight, and desired exercise duration, and suggests suitable exercises to help you achieve your calorie-burning goal.

How does it work?

Our calculator is based on the metabolic equivalent of task (MET), a scientifically proven concept that measures energy expenditure during various activities compared to being at rest. The higher the MET value of an activity, the more calories you’ll burn.

MET values are generally categorized as follows:

  • Less than 3 MET: light activities
  • Between 3 and 6 MET: moderate activities
  • Over 6 MET: vigorous activities

The calculator adjusts suggested activities based on age, recommending less vigorous exercises for older or younger users.

Disclaimer: Consult your doctor before starting any exercise or diet changes. Our calculator is an estimator based on available knowledge to recommend exercises.

Examples of using the calculator

Example 1:

A 35-year-old female, weighing 90 kg, wants to burn 200 calories and has 20 minutes per day to exercise. Our calculator suggests:

Results of exercises suggestions based on gender age weight time and calories to burn example 1 jpg

Note: The calculator provides the closest possible exercises within the given time constraint. Increasing the workout duration could yield more exercise options and better results.

Example 2:

A 70-year-old male, weighing 60 kg, wants to burn 300 calories and has 30 minutes per day to exercise (always consult a physician before starting any new exercise regimen).

Our calculator suggests:

Results of exercises suggestions based on gender age weight time and calories to burn example 2 jpg

Note: For senior users, it’s important to prioritize low-intensity exercises and gradually increase workout duration, rather than intensity. Always consult a physician to determine the appropriate activity level and time.

Continuous improvement

Chaparral Compounding Pharmacy – Remedy’sRx is committed to refining and enhancing our calculator, incorporating more activities from the 2011 Compendium of Physical Activities, and considering additional factors to improve the accuracy of our recommendations. This commitment extends to residents of Calgary, Chaparral, Walden, Mahogany, Sundance, Shawnessy, Silverado, Cranston, and Seton, ensuring a valuable resource for the local community.

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