KN95 Face Mask - Chaparral Pharmacy - Remedy'sRx

Do your part in flattening the curve in Canada! Get your face mask and rubbing alcohol

Do your part to flatten the curve and protect your fellow citizens and beloved ones.
Our southeast pharmacy location in Calgary is extremely happy with the good receipt of our hygienic products.
We are pleasured to inform you that we received the following new hygienic products:
– KN95 Face Mask
– Surgical Face Mask
– Rubbing Alcohol (70%)
KN95 Face Mask - Chaparral Pharmacy - Remedy'sRx
                    KN95 Face Mask                                                                                                
Surgical Face Mask - Chaparral Pharmacy - Remedys' Rx
                             Surgical Face Mask
Rubbing Alcohol - Chaparral Pharmacy - Remedy's Rx
                            Rubbing Alcohol
Quantities are limited. Lowest prices.
Call Chaparral Pharmacy at our southeast Calgary location at 403-475-5544 for more information/questions.