Compounded medications in capsules

Chaparral Compounding Pharmacy – An expert in compounding and custom prescription medications

At Chaparral Compounding Pharmacy – Remedy’sRx, we take pride in providing an excellent variety of compounded medications through our world-class compounding centre. Our strategic pharmacy location in the southeast of Calgary serves all of Calgary South in addition to the rest of Calgary through our FREE delivery service for regular and compounded prescription medications for individuals, chain pharmacies, and independently owned pharmacies as well.

As a pharmacy in Calgary, we were sure that our beloved Calgary needs more care in terms of providing customized prescription medications to address the unique needs of our patients. So our highly trained pharmacists took care of designing, preparing, and installing a world-class compounding centre that is considered one of the very few capable compounding centres within Calgary. 

Consequently, Chaparral Compounding Pharmacy was reborn to be a compounding pharmacy and not only a regular community pharmacy. A compounding pharmacy can prepare and dispense both of regular and compounding prescriptions and medications in addition to all the other services that a pharmacy can offer, such as the COVID-19 vaccine for adults and kids.

In general, the terms “compounding” or “compounded medications” refer to preparing specific and custom medications that are prescribed by a physician to a patient (or even their pets). Normally, those custom medications are not commercially available in their prescribed form. That is why a highly skilled compounding pharmacist is needed to carefully calculate, compose, mix, prepare, and package those ingredients to conform to the customized medication.

The forms available for compounding are numerous and depend on the mode of delivery and the medium used to deliver the active ingredient(s).

Compounded medications in capsules are prepared in a compounding pharmacy.
      Compounded medications in capsules

Some of the forms that Chaparral Compounding Pharmacy – Remedy’sRx prepares at our Calgary location are:

  • Capsules
  • Suppositories
  • Topicals (Ointments/Creams)
  • Suspensions and liquids
  • Gummies

Compounded medications are considered a necessity for many patients. There are many different cases that compounding prescribed medications are of utmost importance, including:

  • specific drug dosages
  • presence of allergies to some ingredients (e.g. dyes) in existing commercially available medicines
  • specific drug ingredients that are not normally or commercially available
  • difficulty in administering the drug (especially in the era of COVID-19) using its original mode of delivery (e.g. turning large pills into easy-to-drink suspensions)
  • increase the convenience of drug administration, for example, some patients don’t like the cream feeling so they ask Chaparral Compounding Pharmacy to use foam for their medications
  • decrease the size of capsules of a commercially available medication by repackaging the medication into smaller capsules
  • medications that the manufacturer stopped manufacturing (discontinued drugs) 
  • presence of unwanted ingredients in the original medications that can cause unwanted side effects for the patients (some commercially available pills cause stomach irritation for senior patients)
  • changing the taste of the medications to a more appealing taste (e.g. adding strawberry taste to a cough medication of a child)
  • also putting a good taste for your pets! they – for sure – will like chicken/meat flavours in their antibiotics
Your sick pet needs your care and could use the services of a compounding pharmacy
Your sick pet needs your care!

Even for the big chain pharmacies and retail pharmacies, having long-term cooperation with a compounding pharmacy is a necessity nowadays.

As a pharmacy owner in our beloved Calgary, you must provide more care to your patients by fulfilling their compounded medication needs. Chaparral Compounding Pharmacy – Remedy’sRx (as a compounding pharmacy) will be happy to help achieve your pharmacy’s potential by providing you with your compounding needs while keeping your patients and increasing your personalized care for them.

Chaparral Compounding Pharmacy – Remedy’sRx is located at 210-10 Chaparral Drive Southeast, Calgary, AB T2X 3R7. Our expert and professional compounding pharmacists will answer your questions regarding regular and compounded/custom prescription medications.

You can call us to discuss your compounding needs at 403-475-5544 or fax us at 587-387-2932.

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