Childrens Tylenol Berry

Children’s Tylenol (for Fever & Pain) Suspension is Now Available at Chaparral Pharmacy – Remedy’sRx!

Calgary (even Alberta and large areas of Canada) experienced a huge shortage in the past weeks of Children’s Tylenol (sometimes also Children’s Advil!) due to severe shortages from the manufacturers’ side.

Right now, Children’s Tylenol (the commercial, over-the-counter type) is now available again at Chaparral Pharmacy at our southeast location!

Tylenol (Oral suspension) comes in several yummy flavours: Cherry for 0-23 months and cherry and bubble gum for age 2-11 years.

Childrens Tylenol Berry
Childrens Tylenol Bubble Gum

Chaparral Pharmacy was one of the few compounding pharmacies that helped fill the shortage gap of Children’s Tylenol by compounding the medicine right from its basic medicinal ingredients. We are extremely happy to be able to play an important role by bringing both the commercial, over-the-counter and compounded types of Children’s Tylenol.

Please call us at 403-475-5544 or drop by our location (click for Chaparral Pharmacy location on Google Maps) or ask for our delivery service (you can get it free-delivered if combined with at least one prescription).

Important Notes about Children’s Tylenol

Children’s Tylenol is a pain reliever and fever reducer for children. It is available in liquid (oral suspension).

The recommended dosage for children aged 2-11 is 4-10mg/kg every 4-6 hours, not to exceed 4 doses in 24 hours. The recommended dosage for children aged 12 and over is 5-10mg/kg every 6 hours, not to exceed 3 doses in 24 hours.  

Children’s Tylenol can be used to relieve pain from a variety of conditions, such as headaches, earaches, toothaches, and sore throat.

It can also be used to reduce fever and pain in cases like colds, flu, and muscle aches and sprains. Children’s Tylenol is available over-the-counter and does not require a prescription.  

If you are giving Children’s Tylenol to a child for the first time, it is important to read the instructions on the package carefully. Make sure you understand the correct dosage for the child’s age and weight. It is also important to follow the instructions on how often to give the medication.  

Children’s Tylenol is generally safe and well-tolerated. If you are giving Children’s Tylenol to a child who is also taking other medications, please consult a healthcare professional to ensure there are no interactions. 

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